Welcome to Doglicious Goodies!

Happy November !!! My favorite time of the year! I have made a temporary change to this website. Since I have been having so much trouble with my payment processor, run by PayPal, I have deleted it from this website. I am working on securing a payment system, but it may take me a bit to find a good fit. In the meantime, if you would please email your order to kyle@dogliciousgoodies.com. When Iím ready to ship your order, I will email you the amount and a list of several different ways for you to pay so you can choose which ever is most convenient for you, in turn for ordering this way temporarily until I have a new payment processor, I will include something special for your furbabies. Thank you so much for supporting Doglicious Goodies and give big pets to furbabies from us! The Doglicious Goodies Team